Daniel Scott Poynter


"We are a way for the universe to know itself."

I love fresh, big thinking in the style of Buckminster Fuller, Philippe Petit, Carl Sagan, Nikola Tesla, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Speed Levitch, Ze Frank, and Jaron Lanier. Specifically I love experimenting with art, technology, and education.


Applied Ideals - after 15 years as a developer, I decided my life goal is to help catalyze as much joy and human flourishing as possible. I use coaching to help people -- overcome fears, grow as leaders, start businesses, improve physical and social health. What's your dream?

Six Degrees of Awesome - an experiment to help revitalize and broaden our collective vision.

Pragmatic Idealists - Pragmatic Idealists is a highly selective, global leadership community. It’s growing one person at a time through deep conversations and recommendations.

Nonsense Worshipping Flashmob - 'nuff said.

Banana Bunch - We dress up like bananas and descend upon an unsuspecting bar. What do you mean "why?" Did you even hear who the president is?!?

Mind Pollination - "Chatroulette without the penises." There. Our elevator pitch. Oh wait, we need something safe for grandma. How about this: Mind Pollination gives you insight and support. How? It matches you with diverse strangers from around the world. These small groups video chat -- maybe once, maybe ongoing -- to brainstorm and pollinate one another.

The Question Academy - If questions fuel curiosity, and curiosity fuels learning... then why don't we study questions more? Let's start!

More projects - including a way to follow random acts of kindness paid forward through your community.


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