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Nonsense Worshipping Flashmob

Second CIA Project of the 2007 - 2008 School Year

We tossed ideas around, and our minds began to speed up. Somebody said we should do a flashmob. Another person said, "make it absurd - worship something big!"

Finally we all decided to organize a flash mob where people would temporarily 'worship' the Purdue Engineering fountain while chanting nonsense Gregorian-style.


September 25th, 2008:

Picture of flash mob

Picture of flash mob

Picture of flash mob

Picture of flash mob

More Pictures of the Flashmob

Soon, the videos were all over YouTube and wound up on College Humor.

Picture of flash mob on CollegeHumor

The Purdue Exponent newspaper covered the project on their front page the next day (pdf).

A few days after that, an Exponent writer asked, Flash mobs: innocent fun or sinister mind control? "Step back and consider how absurd some of these activities are. What makes a person agree to do something so seemingly insane? Flash mobs can be shocking, amusing and fun, but why do people feel inclined to participate?"

Someone even wrote into the paper and guessed, "...a slew of people seemingly worshipping the fountain can be read as the requirement for all students to bow down before the great phallic, ejaculating symbol of a patriarchal university."

Who knows why we do what we do?

he... he... he... =)

More Videos

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